Gotham Venture Monitor: Cannabis Shark Tank Pitch Contest – November 7, 2019

Good Harvest Co. had the opportunity to present alongside four other ventures at a great evening of discussion and pitches from the world of Cannabis.  These included: BUSHL, MyCureAll, GreenCheck Verified & DUBY/Cannopoly.

The impact of the cannabis industry could be as much as $77 BILLION by the end of 2022. GVM’s panels of mentors, investors discussed what they’re doing in the market and then a cross-section of vetted companies pitched to the audience in a “Shark Tank” format. It was a great evening of content and networking.

Happy to report GHC took the top spot as the winning pitch!

PM360 Magazine: Good Harvest Co. Start Up Feature November 2019

Good Harvest Co. is Bringing Shopper Data to the Cannabis Industry

Retail marketers have it easy. They have shopping and purchasing data easily at their disposal. All of the mainstream publishers, like Google and Facebook, are comfortable serving their ads. They don’t have to worry about making sure their ads are only in states where it is legal to sell their product. Meanwhile, marketers of the quickly growing cannabis and CBD industries don’t have those advantages, but Good Harvest Co. is working to level the playing field a bit. PM360 spoke with Founder and CEO Eric Meth about how his company is gathering and using cannabis and CBD shopper data to make it easier for marketers to find the right customers.

Link to full article.


Thinking Outside the Bud is a business podcast devoted to driving innovation in the cannabis space. During each episode, we speak with founders, investors, thought leaders, researchers, advocates, and policy makers who are finding new and exciting ways for cannabis to positively impact business, society, and culture.

Eric recently sat down with host Bruce Eckfeldt to discuss the positive impact of cannabis shopper data as brand marketers navigate the currently challenging advertising landscape to effectively reach, educate and convert their target consumers into buyers of their products.

Check out the podcast here Thinking Outside The Bud – Episode 38 – Good Harvest Co. or on iTunes/Google Play.


The demand for growth capital in the cannabis industry and the lack of traditional lenders, like banks, is forcing cannabis companies to use non-traditional methods to attract capital. The MJ Bulls podcast is one of the non-traditional methods that cannabis companies are using to attract capital.

Check out the podcast here MJ Bulls Podcast – Episode 9: Good Harvest Co. or on iTunes/Google Play.


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