At Good Harvest Co., we provide a variety of marketing and consultation services specifically tailored to the cannabis industry.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

There’s a world of options when it comes to spending your digital media budget. That’s why it’s so important to have a comprehensive media strategy to achieve successful, measurable outcomes.

Good Harvest Co. is here to help! We’re well-versed in navigating the complexities of digital campaign planning. Whether it’s desktop, mobile, video, or addressable

advertising — we’ll ensure you reach your ideal consumers directly through ad platforms and publishers.

Tap into our network of established partnerships with media platforms that allow cannabis brand advertising, effectively targeting 21+ consumers in geographically legal markets.

Consumer Data Consulting

Good Harvest Co. takes a comprehensive approach to consumer data consulting. Need help setting and achieving consumer data targeting goals? We’ll develop a Data Strategy Roadmap complete with objectives, deliverables, resources and tech investments, as well as a high-level cost estimate.

Our strategic roadmap provides a foundation to implement data governance, quality, and stewardship. In addition, it will assist in developing master data management processes, big data analytics, business intelligence tools, and a full implementation plan.

Cannabis Shopper Marketing

When it comes to traditional shopper marketing, a generalized approach often works. But for the legal cannabis industry, specialized knowledge & customization are critical to success. Luckily, Good Harvest was built to meet the unique needs of cannabis brand advertisers, crafted to help you reach your ideal consumers.

Because we’ve tailored our approach to the cannabis industry, we’re able to target confirmed 21+ audiences in legal cannabis markets and retarget through dispensary shopping behaviors on mobile and desktop.

With Good Harvest Co., cannabis marketers can drive brand awareness and consumer conversions through ad creative that combines brand messaging and specific retailers. Finally, we’ll use our mastery of additional ad-tech to drive known cannabis consumers to retail locations in legal markets.

Cannabis Consumer Analytics & Insights

Want to dive deep and learn more about cannabis audiences? Good Harvest Co. is partnering with leading syndicated insights companies focused on the cannabis industry. Through these valuable relationships, we’ll be able to analyze the sales impact of ad campaigns that apply cannabis shopper data.

With ongoing measurement throughout the campaign lifecycle, Good Harvest Co. can demonstrate control, lift and halo-effect of product sales based on targeted creative. That means you’ll be able to optimize your efforts and continually heighten effectiveness — a big win for everybody.

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